Healing Black Magic


In case you are a victim of mundane black magic that was done by a novice or someone casted an Evil Eye, you can easily diffuse it with the following methods:

  • By going on a fast
  • By going on a fast Performing religious rituals or yagyas
  • Visiting holy places
  • Keeping your environment clean and keeping your thoughts pure
  • Meditations: purifying yourself by immersing yourself in divine light using visualizations
  • Chanting of holy verses; it doesn't matter whether they are from the Quran or Bible, Mantra's from Vedas, Shabads from the holy book of Sikhs or Buddhist prayers It all depends upon your individual faith

On the other hand if you have been victimized by a malicious black magician who is well versed in the art of black magic and has control over some powerful evil spirits or Djinns, self-help will not work for long in diffusing the black magic done on you, the best it'll do is; to protect you from untimely death at the hands of these professional black magicians or slow down the effects for few weeks.

Even if you are a daring person who is positive and driven by spirituality and would like to use spell reversal on your own, the chances are, it will boomerang on you and hurt you seriously, as being a layman you do not know the laws of the spirit world.

When it comes to the spirit world, it just ends up being a game of cards- the one who has heavy cards and knows how to play this evil game; wins, whether it is the black magician or the white magician.

Most black magicians have spent years perfecting the science of black magic and the evil spells, rituals and techniques connected with it, whereas, you being an everyday human have no concept of what the spells are and how they work?

Moreover, The black magicians have under their control thousands of evil, spirits, demons and devils who not only shield the black magician from harm but are directed towards the victims to instantly harm them or to destroy their lives on a continuous basis Do you think you will be able to fight these evil forces without knowing the inner secrets of the spirit world and black magic?

The truth of the matter is- you will be better off leaving it to professionals to fight for you instead of trying to fight black magic on your own, as it will save you time and energy and help you be a winner in the long run It will be in your best interest to hire a professional who has the spirit world access and can handle your perpetrators in the spirit world