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The Healing Group was first conceptualized in 1996 by its founder Mony Singh and was launched on the VedicWisdom.com  website in 2005. It later grew with many healers, doctors, and therapist joining the group from all parts of the world. It has been a long journey but today we feel blessed that Mony Singh's hard work and strong dedication towards helping the society has reached a stage where The Healing Group is able to help people better their lives without bringing in the greed factor.

Mony Singh has been involved in humanistic endeavors since his teens. He taught himself the sacred science of Vedic Astrology and then met his guru who blessed him with the science of body features. The universe then steered him towards Philosophy, Spirituality, and active involvements in Meditation techniques in his early 20’s.

Mony Singh has always been passionate to bring a change in the mass consciousness and in 1994 he started giving sessions to people in Holistic fairs in India and in USA. Mony Singh had a weekly column with INDIA POST where he wrote articles on Vedic Astrology & Spirituality. Mony's work has been featured in many national and international newspapers and TV shows including; Washington Post, Marin independent journal, India Post, Sahara National, Delhi Doordarshan's: Subah Savera. Mony Singh has done volunteer work for the American Cancer Society at their fundraising events and has been hired by many multinational Banks & companies in India for guiding their private banking customers. Mony Singh is the founder member of Planetary Gemologist Association.

He authored his first book; White Lies Dark Truth in 1997 which got published in 2003. The book covers all areas from birth till death and teaches us how to resolve inner conflicts & feelings of emptiness; helping one to go beyond the mind and opening the self to the world of spirituality. His book is a winner of “Honorable Mention” at four book festivals in USA & UK.

In 2005 Mony Singh was approached by a famous Bollywood director who did a show on him “Mano Ya Na Mano” hosted by Irrfan Khan that ran for many months on StarONE TV.

Watch Mano Ya Na Mano episode featured on Star TV


Call it Karma: God had a different plan for him. He and his family became victims of deadly black magic done by close family members which lasted for years as he & his wife had no knowledge about black magic and didn’t believe in the existence of the black tantra until he, his wife and his young daughter were standing at the doors of death totally destroyed, in bad health & financially ruined.

In 2004, the family had to borrow money from friends, dump their lives in the USA and rush to India where many healers worked on them for 4 years and were able to heal his wife and daughter.
The family returned to the USA in 2008 and Mony continued his search to find a healer who could treat him.

Finally, in 2010 he found the healer who brought amazing relief to his weakening physical body, reversed the reversible damages and brought the family’s life back on track. The healer offered to join hands with him and together they launched HealingBlackMagic.com. Today, he looks back and laughs at the vicious hell he and his family went through.

He continues to help people from all parts of the world with the help of his healing group that has many healers, a 2nd generation Gold Medalist Homeopathy Doctor, Ayurvedic doctors, massage therapists, Astrologers & Pujaris.


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